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  1. Dennis – do you mean have the group coming up from Manteca go up Ice House Rd off Rt50 instead of cutting thru Gegoertown? Where is the last gas along that route?

  2. I have not met a Shea Moisture product that my hair doesn’t like ~ it’s gotta be the Shea Butter that’s the key! Love that stuff; thumbs up!My current product return is Olive Oil Edge Control – made my hair white and my hair does that on it’s own. So it’s gotta go; thumbs down.

  3. c’est un peu comme filer des pyjamas en carton aux detenus pour qu’ils ne se pendent pas avec … surtout n’anticipont pas, ne nous préoccupont pas des causes, ne géront que les conséquences (qui se voient et ça fait pas beau)cela dit, avec le tollé que cette proposition a suscité, je ne sais pas s’ils vont oser mettre cette mesure en application

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  5. Boas leituras, João – é o que constato que andas a fazer e o que te desejo após o Brinton.Quanto ao resto, faltou-me explicitar no meu comentário que o critério da democracia como medida e condição de qualquer anticapitalismo digno desse nome exclui, evidentemente, a legitimidade de quaisquer suspensões da democracia em quaisquer períodos de transição.Abraço para tiCaro José,obrigado pelo seu apoio reiterado – mas fico curioso de o ouvir mais. Calorosas saudações democráticasmsp

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  7. Buna seara! ..sunt intarziata,se pare,am aflat de poze abia acum…le-am si vazut …si nu sunt impresionata,nu sunt extraordinare la cate zeci de mii de euro au bagat ma asteptam la altceva, alb negru si cu o cosmeticizare inainte cred ca toate(cele care se ingrijesc in genere) aratam asa.Anonima….care citeste arhiva

  8. sorry….DRM does not increase piracy…this is simply a long time fallacy promoted by media and blogger….pirates will pirate because it’s a simple economic decision albeit unethical….free or more than free…. if anything DRM helps prevent the average joe which can’t or won’t spend the time on youtube and websites finding how to guides on hacking DRM.

  9. Ero in ufficio, appena rientrata da un viaggio a NYC. Se fosse accaduto solo qualche giorno prima io sarei stata proprio lì e chissà se sarei stata qui oggi a raccontarlo. Quando ho visto le due torri crollare ho avuto un tonfo al cuore. E pensare che solo pochi giorni prima io ero lì sù in cima a gustarmi il panorama di New York City.

  10. , March 26, 2009 at 9:57 pm Well an update, we flew adelaide – hobart and return, no problems what so ever providing you get there 2 hours before as we did, we did see people turned away though at the 45min check in point they were left stranded with no flight out..The staff were friendly and i found the seats were comfortable, however no leg room, all in all though we were fine, thank god was worried after reading all the comments..Still think I will fly with someone else next time just in case…

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  12. Is this fate or what? A day after reading this post I found a used hardbound copy of “Mystery of the Red Carnations” by Mary C. Jane! !! Yow. Now how often does something like that happen? Max, thanks for the post! I love these kinda books. Oh hey, better late than never….congrats to your UMA-DSH blog! Blog on O Headless One!with much ado about something,Patty aka Most Horrible

  13. I just got this last week and loaded it up yesterday. This tote is solid and very well made. The many storage loops keep your most-used tools in view and easy reach – no more “bottom fishing” when you need to find one of your tools. The fabric is heavy – more like canvas than nylon. Anyone who uses hand tools around the house or on the job would love this tote.

  14. I see this reference to boys „maturing” slower than girls to be a red herring, as the schools seemed to do just fine with both boys and girls until the leftists got ahold of the schools. Now, all of a sudden, the boys can’t learn because they aren’t „mature” just like the girls couldn’t learn back in the 90’s because of the Patriarchy. As far as the „maturity” mem goes, I’m not seeing much alleged maturity in the incessant character destroying gossip teenage girls employ against each other, or their texting their friends or applying makeup while driving a 2000+ lb vehicle.It is Twaddle.

  15. Make sure you send Sheriff Joe frequent words of encouragement, and prayers. It would be terrible if he get's discouraged, and he needs our support. Let him know that no matter the outcome, we appreciate that there was one true patriot who was not afraid to lead on a matter no more important than getting to the bottom of this discrepancy once and for all. Let the chips fall where they may.

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  19. Liberate : Que dire alors de la forme pronominale, s’exécuter ? Une sorte de suicide par excès d’obéissance ?  Et que dire de la forme pronominale « se suicider » ?Le suicide est la seule preuve de la liberté de l’homme.Stig Dagerman☞ Liberté d’estourbir la langue de ! 

  20. Cuando despues de un dia agotador de aqui para alla en el metro, subiendo y bajando las calurosas calles de Madrid , para encontrarme con la cara de viejo verde de mi jefe, llego a casa…. el sonido que mas me relaja es el de mi increible y maravilloso novio , que me ha preparado la cena y puesto mi musica preferida y me recibe diciendome lo estupenda y maravillosa que soyVALEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! lo ultimo es fruto de mi imaginacion pero es un sonido INCREIBLE y de ilusion tambien se vive jejejMUCHAS GRACIAS Y UN BESOTE

  21. Mais non Mélodie, ils ne sont pas tous partis les anciens, ne t’inquiète pas: simplement il y a 2 ateliers cette année : une équipe qui reprend « Côté jardin » et l’autre qui travaille comme avant…chacun avait à choisir un atelier à la rentrée, voilà c’est tout !

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  24. Worth noting the reason Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed.Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy. They were haughty and did detestable things before me. Therefore I did away with them as you have seen. Ezekiel 16:49-50Not meaning to comment SPAM but there is an interesting spin off of this discussion on at the moment too.

  25. So much for the administration restoring science to its proper place.For that matter, so much for closing Gitmo in one year, televising Health Care Reform discussions on C-SPAN, posting bills on the web for five days before voting, and ending earmarks (Louisana Purchase?)I'll be hoiping for change in November, 2010…

  26. Just a thought..in more than one lineThe act of recycling, no matter how you choose to perform it doesn’t mean a damn if you’re doing it for personal gratification or adulation. To be so grandiose as to assume fragile, mortal human beings could alter the fate of a massive organism such as the earth is narcissism at its best and brightest. If you do choose to reduce, reuse and recycle do so in humble admiration of a life force that allows us to reside within a moment of It’s time rather than a feeble attempt to extend the life of that, which is without our assistance, eternal in its own right.

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  29. I was a big grilled cheese sandwich junkie in my day! I had it BAD! So I’m loving this stuff. I have no idea how long it will last…but probably a couple of weeks?? I think we’ll eat through it long before that. I’m so glad the orange julius passed the test, hehe! And the wheatgrass!! Awesome! I actually enjoy drinking it now.

  30. Adler Pax: Así es, los Palomos y en general los Animaniac solían inspirarse en distintas películas.Ya veré más tarde que harán los Pulpos y tú ;)Saludos y muchas gracias por tu comentario.

  31. This is a slippery slope. The news outlets are claiming that they should be paid whenever someone provides a link to their site, basically. Where does it end? Should I have to pay the New York Times if I tell a friend about an article? How about if I link to them on my blog? What is the legally enforceable distinction between Google, private individuals, small organisations, academics who cite articles, etc.?

  32. Yeah…just got the call from Tom and Ellen and they are coming in! What about Bon? Glad you got the weekend off…now you can actually have a beer…no driving! I’ve got that taser if you need to keep Richard and Jim in line!!!

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  36. – he, he skønt med en kæreste, som opfordrer til nul p-piller. Jeg tror, at det er meget individuelt hvem i forholdet, der først fÃ¥r ideen til børn… Heldigvis er vi mennesker oftest sÃ¥dan indrettet, at nÃ¥r et og andet stort sker i vores liv, sÃ¥ er vi pÃ¥ forunderlig vis klar (vi bliver i hvert fald bevist eller ubevist klar!). Jeg ville heller aldrig takke nej til nakkefoldsscanning. Har bestemt respekt for de, som gør, da der jo meget, meget sjældent er noget galt. Men alligevel… jeg var pÃ¥ ja-siden!

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  50. Annegb – The last paragraph just brings tears to my eyes. “It is well to remember that those of whom it was once written “Neither did his brethren believe in him” ended by designating themselves servants “of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ.” So it may be for our Jameses and our Judes, our Sauls and our Almas, and all of their female counterparts. In a personal, intimate way, Jesus himself suffered so that he is able to succor them that also suffer. (See Heb. 2:18; Alma 7:12.)

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  53. Tracey · Hi Harmonie – Yeah, The Abstinence Teacher is different to what I expected, but Perrotta has such a wry tone it’s hard to resist. He does tend to ‘end’ things quite suddenly and perhaps not too cleanly, and so always leaves me wanting more, more, more…and you’re right – what would life be without the spice?

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  55. Devyn S. – Sounds perfect to me. I love gloomy, rainy days. That is when I feel best. I get all energized and want to clean closets. I am obviously part duck.Seriously – do you have a family blog? I really, really would love to see pics and read about your life across the pond.

  56. Thank MT.America Alone was depressing. He painted a very dim demographic picture. What I don’t understand is why, Mark Steyn being the clever guy he is, the logical conclusion wasn’t reached: a population explosion in the turd world only threatens a ZPG/NPG West if we’re stupid enough to let them immigrate here. If we shut down immigration we’ll be hurt economically, if we don’t we’ll be washed away entirely.On Islam the best book I’ve read is Why I Am Not a Muslim, by Ibn Warraq. Read that and it will be crystal clear why it’s insane to allow them to walk among us.

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  62. Henry- Romney was not moderate. What he may have been 3 years ago isn’t necessarily what he is now. In fact, his view did change. He is also anti-LBGT. He is also quite conservative, and had stated such himself. Also, Jon’s definition is more than just prochoice (which Romney is now pro-life). You need to take things in context.

  63. Amen, my brother! Everyone in my neighborhood (and quite a few beyond) just KNOW I’m a crazy old PTSD warrior, and I’ll blow up the world if they mess with me. I’ve never DONE any of the things they think I have, but it’s a good reputation to have. And I, too, am not “sane” by the definition of the day.

  64. Finally back here today to read the latest adventures of Laureen o’the World. I was fascinated by the fact that there are trees that are that old–yesterday I was walking in the Presidio, where so many of the cypress and Monterrey pines planted by the Army are dying of old age, and they are less than 100 years old (not really sure exactly when they were planted.) I always thought that redwoods were the oldest trees on the planet, but I’ve never heard of a tree that was 5,000 years old! Do you know what kind of trees they are?Love the posts! Thank you so much!

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